August, 2014


August, 2014:

  1. Donnie & Joe Emerson “Overture” (1979)
  2. Bad Brains “Stay Close to Me” (1980)
  3. Witch “Like a Chicken” (1973)
  4. Monomono “Give the Beggar a Chance” (1973)
  5. Bongos Ikwue & the Groovies “Sitting on the Beach” (1974)
  6. Sun Palace “Rude Movements” (1983)
  7. Molly Nilsson “Blue Dollar” (2014)
  8. You’ll Never Get To Heaven “Caught in Time, So Far Away” (2014)
  9. Foxygen “How Can You Really?” (2014)
  10. Fatima & the Mamluks “Hassan” (unknown)
  11. Leslie Winer “5” (1993)
  12. Stretch “Why Did You Do It?” (1975)
  13. The Gap Band “Outstanding (Original 12” Mix)” (1982)
  14. Chakachas “Jungle Fever” (1972)
  15. Flights of Fancy “Love’s a Dancer” (2012)
  16. The Monks “I Can Dub Anything You Like (Disco Mix)” (1981)


July, 2014

Each month, I compile a playlist on Rdio, of new favorites that I discover, and songs I already love that get heavy play throughout the course of that month. And while several of my friends are on Rdio as well, and have access to those playlists, not everyone I think would enjoy them is (thanks, Spotify), so I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to make these playlists accessible to more friends.

The simplest approach seems to be to cull the “best of the best” into a downloadable mix (individual tracks, not blended) at the end of every month and make that available to anyone (“Anyone?”) interested. So that’s what I’ll try to do moving forward, and collect them all here.

The playlists will bounce between genres, and you’ll also notice an uptick of certain genres in different seasons (winter; jazz, ambient, drone, metal. summer; reggae, punk, afro-beat, folk). Enjoy!?

July, 2014:

  1. R. Stevie Moore “California Rhythm” (1978)
  2. Slapp Happy “Strayed” (1975)
  3. Suicideyear “Hope Building A” (2014)
  4. Candidate “On the Ice” (1987)
  5. Pedestrians “Commuter Fantasy” (1981)
  6. Hipsway “The Honeythief” (1986)
  7. Head High “Burning (Keep It… Mix)” (2013)
  8. Tina Turner “Nutbush City Limits” (1973)
  9. Keyboard “Hungry Man” (1978)
  10. Peter Matthew Bauer “Scientology Airplane Conversation” (2014)
  11. Live Skull “Swingtime” (1986)
  12. Drew Gragg “Refraction” (2014)