You Wanna Listen to the Man, Pay Attention to the Magistrate

If you were to judge 1981 by this sunny scene you’d think—as opposed to the Louie-ism of today—Everything Was Amazing and Everyone Was Happy. The bell-bottomed 70s were giving way to feathered new wave, so you had both at once. True, Reagan was newly elected, but he hadn’t had time to fuck everything up yet.

Full summer beards.

The crowd seems to be without a worry in the world: young, bronzed and ready to boogie. No signs of the irony, pretention, and sarcasm so mandatory today. Like the Sunkist® orange of Kenny’s jumpsuit, there’s a carefree exuberance and happiness in the air that embodies what little I remember of the 80s; swimming pools, suntans, girls, pop songs.

For what it’s worth, everything appealing about the 1981 clip, is an inverse to everything disastrous about this performance of the same song from 1993.